Why financial literacy

We all interact with money, but do any of us know to manage it? Penn Common Cents (PCC) is Penn's first undergrad personal finance club teaching undergraduates about budgeting, investing, and saving your hard earned money.

According to the Federal Reserve, in a basic financial literacy test comprising of three questions, only about a third of adults could answer all three questions. College students scored similar scores.

This doesn't have to be this way.

Penn Common Cents hopes to pave the path and help Penn undergrads make common cents about their personal finances.

Who we are

We are Penn undergraduates seeking to educate fellow classmates about the importance and basics of financial literacy. We are the official undergraduate branch of MBA club Wharton Common Cents with the common goal of advancing the state of financial literacy here at Penn.

What we do

We host various types of events to cover topics such as managing credit score, trading stocks, opening checking & savings accounts; and advanced topics like churning and much more!


Upcoming Events!

Brandon Copeland, NFL: *Spring Semester (Exact Date TBA)* - special guest speaker event on personal finance

More TBA!

Our team

John Ta

Founding President, Class of 2022. Vagelos MLS studying Econ, Biochem, & Biophysics. Lifts things up and puts them down.

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Vivek Olumbe

Vice President, Class of 2022. Dual degree student studying Comp Sci and Business Economics in Public Policy.

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Julia Zhu

Vice President of Operations, Class of 2022. Wharton.

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Felicity Yick

Design Lead, Class of 2022. SEAS Digital Media Design.

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Eduardo Szajman

Marketing Lead, Class of 2023.

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Kiki Liu

Marketing Lead, Class of 2022. Economics.

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Our partners & sponsors

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Student Federal Credit Union @Penn